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Laboratory biosafety measures involving SARS-CoV-2 and the classification as a Risk Group 3 biological agent.

The current public health emergency surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, that is the illness caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has resulted in thousands of cases in Australia since 25 January 2020 when the first case was diagnosed. This emerging virus presents particular hazards to researchers and laboratory staff in a clinical setting, highlighted by rapid and widespread global transmission. Based on the epidemiological and clinical data that have become available in mid-2020, we propose the interim classification of SARS-CoV-2 as a Risk Group 3 organism is reasonable, and discuss establishing Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) regulations accordingly. Despite its global spread, the reported mortality rate of SARS-CoV-2 ranging from 0.13% to 6.22% is considerably less than that of other Risk Group 4 agents including Ebola and Marburg viruses with fatality rates as high as 90%. In addition, studies have demonstrated that approximately 86% of patients presenting with severe courses of the disease are aged 70 years or above, with the presence of comorbid conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases in the majority of all fatal cases. In contrary to recent discussions surrounding the protective and administrative measures needed in a laboratory, the emerging evidence surrounding mortality rate, distinct demographics of severe infections, and the presence of underlying diseases does not justify the categorisation of SARS-CoV-2 as a Risk Group 4 organism. This article summarises biosafety precautions, control measures and appropriate physical containment facilities required to minimise the risk of laboratory-acquired infections with SARS-CoV-2.
Alexa M Kaufer, Torsten Theis, Katherine A Lau, Joanna L Gray, William D Rawlinson

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Treatment of Displaced Intra-articular Calcaneal Fractures With an Interlocking Nail (C-Nail).

To assess the outcome of the sinus tarsi approach and C-Nail fixation of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures (DIACFs).
Bogdan Veliceasa, Alexandru Filip, Roxana Pinzaru, Mihaela Pertea, Bogdan Ciuntu, Ovidiu Alexa

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Alexa, What classes do I have today? The use of Artificial Intelligence via Smart Speakers in Education.

Looking back to the rumours from the early 2000's, when the world of technology bloomed together with the curiosity towards what was next to come, by 2020, robots should have assisted and supported almost every task from our daily life. While this may seem as a Sci-Fi movie scenario, it is partially a tangible reality, that we quickly got used to, thanks to the introduction of smart speakers. As the world changes, so does the future of our students. In this respects, the evolution of the technology comes up with specific environments for educational purpose. Building smart learning environments supported by e-learning platforms is an important area of research in education domain within our days. The evolution of these smart learning environments is justified by some events (Covid19) that force students to learn remotely. The paper proposes a software application component using Alexa smart speaker, that integrates different services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Services) for a proper virtual environment platform, for both students and teachers. It addresses the main concerns of the current educational system, and provides a smart solution through the use of Artificial Intelligence based tools. The proposed approach not only achieves unifying data and knowledge-share mechanisms in a remotely mode, but it brings also a good learning experience, increasing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the learning process.
Camelia Şerban, Ioana-Alexandra Todericiu

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Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase (ESBL) Producing in Pigs and Pork Meat in the European Union.

The aim of this article is to review the fast and worldwide distribution of ESBL enzymes and to describe the role of the pork production chain as a reservoir and transmission route of ESBL-producing and ESBLs in the European Union (EU). The use of β-lactam antibiotics in swine production and the prevalence of ESBL producing in fattening pigs and pork meat across Europe is analyzed. Overall, an increasing trend in the prevalence of presumptive ESBL producing in fattening pigs in the EU has been observed in the last decade, although with major differences among countries, linked to different approaches in the use of antimicrobials in pork production within the EU. Moreover, the various dissemination pathways of these bacteria along the pork production chain are described, along with factors at farm and slaughterhouse level influencing the risk of introducing or spreading ESBL producing bacteria throughout the food chain.
Ieva Bergšpica, Georgia Kaprou, Elena A Alexa, Miguel Prieto, Avelino Alvarez-Ordóñez

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Dijet Resonance Search with Weak Supervision Using sqrt[s]=13  TeV pp Collisions in the ATLAS Detector.

This Letter describes a search for narrowly resonant new physics using a machine-learning anomaly detection procedure that does not rely on signal simulations for developing the analysis selection. Weakly supervised learning is used to train classifiers directly on data to enhance potential signals. The targeted topology is dijet events and the features used for machine learning are the masses of the two jets. The resulting analysis is essentially a three-dimensional search A→BC, for m_{A}∼O(TeV), m_{B},m_{C}∼O(100  GeV) and B, C are reconstructed as large-radius jets, without paying a penalty associated with a large trials factor in the scan of the masses of the two jets. The full run 2 sqrt[s]=13  TeV pp collision dataset of 139  fb^{-1} recorded by the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider is used for the search. There is no significant evidence of a localized excess in the dijet invariant mass spectrum between 1.8 and 8.2 TeV. Cross-section limits for narrow-width A, B, and C particles vary with m_{A}, m_{B}, and m_{C}. For example, when m_{A}=3  TeV and m_{B}≳200  GeV, a production cross section between 1 and 5 fb is excluded at 95% confidence level, depending on m_{C}. For certain masses, these limits are up to 10 times more sensitive than those obtained by the inclusive dijet search. These results are complementary to the dedicated searches for the case that B and C are standard model bosons.
G Aad, B Abbott, D C Abbott, A Abed Abud, K Abeling, D K Abhayasinghe, S H Abidi, O S AbouZeid, N L Abraham, H Abramowicz, H Abreu, Y Abulaiti, B S Acharya, B Achkar, L Adam, C Adam Bourdarios, L Adamczyk, L Adamek, J Adelman, M Adersberger, A Adiguzel, S Adorni, T Adye, A A Affolder, Y Afik, C Agapopoulou, M N Agaras, A Aggarwal, C Agheorghiesei, J A Aguilar-Saavedra, A Ahmad, F Ahmadov, W S Ahmed, X Ai, G Aielli, S Akatsuka, M Akbiyik, T P A Åkesson, E Akilli, A V Akimov, K Al Khoury, G L Alberghi, J Albert, M J Alconada Verzini, S Alderweireldt, M Aleksa, I N Aleksandrov, C Alexa, T Alexopoulos, A Alfonsi, F Alfonsi, M Alhroob, B Ali, S Ali, M Aliev, G Alimonti, C Allaire, B M M Allbrooke, B W Allen, P P Allport, A Aloisio, F Alonso, C Alpigiani, E Alunno Camelia, M Alvarez Estevez, M G Alviggi, Y Amaral Coutinho, A Ambler, L Ambroz, C Amelung, D Amidei, S P Amor Dos Santos, S Amoroso, C S Amrouche, F An, C Anastopoulos, N Andari, T Andeen, J K Anders, S Y Andrean, A Andreazza, V Andrei, C R Anelli, S Angelidakis, A Angerami, A V Anisenkov, A Annovi, C Antel, M T Anthony, E Antipov, M Antonelli, D J A Antrim, F Anulli, M Aoki, J A Aparisi Pozo, M A Aparo, L Aperio Bella, N Aranzabal Barrio, V Araujo Ferraz, R Araujo Pereira, C Arcangeletti, A T H Arce, F A Arduh, J-F Arguin, S Argyropoulos, J-H Arling, A J Armbruster, A Armstrong, O Arnaez, H Arnold, Z P Arrubarrena Tame, G Artoni, K Asai, S Asai, T Asawatavonvanich, N Asbah, E M Asimakopoulou, L Asquith, J Assahsah, K Assamagan, R Astalos, R J Atkin, M Atkinson, N B Atlay, H Atmani, K Augsten, V A Austrup, G Avolio, M K Ayoub, G Azuelos, H Bachacou, K Bachas, M Backes, F Backman, P Bagnaia, M Bahmani, H Bahrasemani, A J Bailey, V R Bailey, J T Baines, C Bakalis, O K Baker, P J Bakker, E Bakos, D Bakshi Gupta, S Balaji, E M Baldin, P Balek, F Balli, W K Balunas, J Balz, E Banas, M Bandieramonte, A Bandyopadhyay, Sw Banerjee, L Barak, W M Barbe, E L Barberio, D Barberis, M Barbero, G Barbour, T Barillari, M-S Barisits, J Barkeloo, T Barklow, R Barnea, B M Barnett, R M Barnett, Z Barnovska-Blenessy, A Baroncelli, G Barone, A J Barr, L Barranco Navarro, F Barreiro, J Barreiro Guimarães da Costa, U Barron, S Barsov, F Bartels, R Bartoldus, G Bartolini, A E Barton, P Bartos, A Basalaev, A Basan, A Bassalat, M J Basso, R L Bates, S Batlamous, J R Batley, B Batool, M Battaglia, M Bauce, F Bauer, K T Bauer, P Bauer, H S Bawa, A Bayirli, J B Beacham, T Beau, P H Beauchemin, F Becherer, P Bechtle, H C Beck, H P Beck, K Becker, C Becot, A Beddall, A J Beddall, V A Bednyakov, M Bedognetti, C P Bee, T A Beermann, M Begalli, M Begel, A Behera, J K Behr, F Beisiegel, M Belfkir, A S Bell, G Bella, L Bellagamba, A Bellerive, P Bellos, K Beloborodov, K Belotskiy, N L Belyaev, D Benchekroun, N Benekos, Y Benhammou, D P Benjamin, M Benoit, J R Bensinger, S Bentvelsen, L Beresford, M Beretta, D Berge, E Bergeaas Kuutmann, N Berger, B Bergmann, L J Bergsten, J Beringer, S Berlendis, G Bernardi, C Bernius, F U Bernlochner, T Berry, P Berta, C Bertella, A Berthold, I A Bertram, O Bessidskaia Bylund, N Besson, A Bethani, S Bethke, A Betti, A J Bevan, J Beyer, D S Bhattacharya, P Bhattarai, V S Bhopatkar, R Bi, R M Bianchi, O Biebel, D Biedermann, R Bielski, K Bierwagen, N V Biesuz, M Biglietti, T R V Billoud, M Bindi, A Bingul, C Bini, S Biondi, C J Birch-Sykes, M Birman, T Bisanz, J P Biswal, D Biswas, A Bitadze, C Bittrich, K Bjørke, T Blazek, I Bloch, C Blocker, A Blue, U Blumenschein, G J Bobbink, V S Bobrovnikov, S S Bocchetta, D Boerner, D Bogavac, A G Bogdanchikov, C Bohm, V Boisvert, P Bokan, T Bold, A E Bolz, M Bomben, M Bona, J S Bonilla, M Boonekamp, C D Booth, A G Borbély, H M Borecka-Bielska, L S Borgna, A Borisov, G Borissov, D Bortoletto, D Boscherini, M Bosman, J D Bossio Sola, K Bouaouda, J Boudreau, E V Bouhova-Thacker, D Boumediene, S K Boutle, A Boveia, J Boyd, D Boye, I R Boyko, A J Bozson, J Bracinik, N Brahimi, G Brandt, O Brandt, F Braren, B Brau, J E Brau, W D Breaden Madden, K Brendlinger, R Brener, L Brenner, R Brenner, S Bressler, B Brickwedde, D L Briglin, D Britton, D Britzger, I Brock, R Brock, G Brooijmans, W K Brooks, E Brost, P A Bruckman de Renstrom, B Brüers, D Bruncko, A Bruni, G Bruni, L S Bruni, S Bruno, M Bruschi, N Bruscino, L Bryngemark, T Buanes, Q Buat, P Buchholz, A G Buckley, I A Budagov, M K Bugge, F Bührer, O Bulekov, B A Bullard, T J Burch, S Burdin, C D Burgard, A M Burger, B Burghgrave, J T P Burr, C D Burton, J C Burzynski, V Büscher, E Buschmann, P J Bussey, J M Butler, C M Buttar, J M Butterworth, P Butti, W Buttinger, C J Buxo Vazquez, A Buzatu, A R Buzykaev, G Cabras, S Cabrera Urbán, D Caforio, H Cai, V M M Cairo, O Cakir, N Calace, P Calafiura, G Calderini, P Calfayan, G Callea, L P Caloba, A Caltabiano, S Calvente Lopez, D Calvet, S Calvet, T P Calvet, M Calvetti, R Camacho Toro, S Camarda, D Camarero Munoz, P Camarri, M T Camerlingo, D Cameron, C Camincher, S Campana, M Campanelli, A Camplani, V Canale, A Canesse, M Cano Bret, J Cantero, T Cao, Y Cao, M D M Capeans Garrido, M Capua, R Cardarelli, F Cardillo, G Carducci, I Carli, T Carli, G Carlino, B T Carlson, E M Carlson, L Carminati, R M D Carney, S Caron, E Carquin, S Carrá, G Carratta, J W S Carter, T M Carter, M P Casado, A F Casha, F L Castillo, L Castillo Garcia, V Castillo Gimenez, N F Castro, A Catinaccio, J R Catmore, A Cattai, V Cavaliere, V Cavasinni, E Celebi, F Celli, K Cerny, A S Cerqueira, A Cerri, L Cerrito, F Cerutti, A Cervelli, S A Cetin, Z Chadi, D Chakraborty, J Chan, W S Chan, W Y Chan, J D Chapman, B Chargeishvili, D G Charlton, T P Charman, C C Chau, S Che, S Chekanov, S V Chekulaev, G A Chelkov, B Chen, C Chen, C H Chen, H Chen, J Chen, J Chen, J Chen, S Chen, S J Chen, X Chen, Y Chen, Y-H Chen, H C Cheng, H J Cheng, A Cheplakov, E Cheremushkina, R Cherkaoui El Moursli, E Cheu, K Cheung, T J A Chevalérias, L Chevalier, V Chiarella, G Chiarelli, G Chiodini, A S Chisholm, A Chitan, I Chiu, Y H Chiu, M V Chizhov, K Choi, A R Chomont, Y S Chow, L D Christopher, M C Chu, X Chu, J Chudoba, J J Chwastowski, L Chytka, D Cieri, K M Ciesla, D Cinca, V Cindro, I A Cioară, A Ciocio, F Cirotto, Z H Citron, M Citterio, D A Ciubotaru, B M Ciungu, A Clark, M R Clark, P J Clark, S E Clawson, C Clement, Y Coadou, M Cobal, A Coccaro, J Cochran, R Coelho Lopes De Sa, H Cohen, A E C Coimbra, B Cole, A P Colijn, J Collot, P Conde Muiño, S H Connell, I A Connelly, S Constantinescu, F Conventi, A M Cooper-Sarkar, F Cormier, K J R Cormier, L D Corpe, M Corradi, E E Corrigan, F Corriveau, M J Costa, F Costanza, D Costanzo, G Cowan, J W Cowley, J Crane, K Cranmer, R A Creager, S Crépé-Renaudin, F Crescioli, M Cristinziani, V Croft, G Crosetti, A Cueto, T Cuhadar Donszelmann, H Cui, A R Cukierman, W R Cunningham, S Czekierda, P Czodrowski, M M Czurylo, M J Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, J V Da Fonseca Pinto, C Da Via, W Dabrowski, F Dachs, T Dado, S Dahbi, T Dai, C Dallapiccola, M Dam, G D'amen, V D'Amico, J Damp, J R Dandoy, M F Daneri, M Danninger, V Dao, G Darbo, O Dartsi, A Dattagupta, T Daubney, S D'Auria, C David, T Davidek, D R Davis, I Dawson, K De, R De Asmundis, M De Beurs, S De Castro, N De Groot, P de Jong, H De la Torre, A De Maria, D De Pedis, A De Salvo, U De Sanctis, M De Santis, A De Santo, J B De Vivie De Regie, C Debenedetti, D V Dedovich, A M Deiana, J Del Peso, Y Delabat Diaz, D Delgove, F Deliot, C M Delitzsch, M Della Pietra, D Della Volpe, A Dell'Acqua, L Dell'Asta, M Delmastro, C Delporte, P A Delsart, D A DeMarco, S Demers, M Demichev, G Demontigny, S P Denisov, L D'Eramo, D Derendarz, J E Derkaoui, F Derue, P Dervan, K Desch, K Dette, C Deutsch, M R Devesa, P O Deviveiros, F A Di Bello, A Di Ciaccio, L Di Ciaccio, W K Di Clemente, C Di Donato, A Di Girolamo, G Di Gregorio, B Di Micco, R Di Nardo, K F Di Petrillo, R Di Sipio, C Diaconu, F A Dias, T Dias Do Vale, M A Diaz, F G Diaz Capriles, J Dickinson, M Didenko, E B Diehl, J Dietrich, S Díez Cornell, C Diez Pardos, A Dimitrievska, W Ding, J Dingfelder, S J Dittmeier, F Dittus, F Djama, T Djobava, J I Djuvsland, M A B Do Vale, M Dobre, D Dodsworth, C Doglioni, J Dolejsi, Z Dolezal, M Donadelli, B Dong, J Donini, A D'onofrio, M D'Onofrio, J Dopke, A Doria, M T Dova, A T Doyle, E Drechsler, E Dreyer, T Dreyer, A S Drobac, D Du, T A du Pree, Y Duan, F Dubinin, M Dubovsky, A Dubreuil, E Duchovni, G Duckeck, O A Ducu, D Duda, A Dudarev, A C Dudder, E M Duffield, M D'uffizi, L Duflot, M Dührssen, C Dülsen, M Dumancic, A E Dumitriu, M Dunford, A Duperrin, H Duran Yildiz, M Düren, A Durglishvili, D Duschinger, B Dutta, D Duvnjak, G I Dyckes, M Dyndal, S Dysch, B S Dziedzic, M G Eggleston, T Eifert, G Eigen, K Einsweiler, T Ekelof, H El Jarrari, V Ellajosyula, M Ellert, F Ellinghaus, A A Elliot, N Ellis, J Elmsheuser, M Elsing, D Emeliyanov, A Emerman, Y Enari, M B Epland, J Erdmann, A Ereditato, P A Erland, M Errenst, M Escalier, C Escobar, O Estrada Pastor, E Etzion, H Evans, M O Evans, A Ezhilov, F Fabbri, L Fabbri, V Fabiani, G Facini, R M Fakhrutdinov, S Falciano, P J Falke, S Falke, J Faltova, Y Fang, Y Fang, G Fanourakis, M Fanti, M Faraj, A Farbin, A Farilla, E M Farina, T Farooque, S M Farrington, P Farthouat, F Fassi, P Fassnacht, D Fassouliotis, M Faucci Giannelli, W J Fawcett, L Fayard, O L Fedin, W Fedorko, A Fehr, M Feickert, L Feligioni, A Fell, C Feng, M Feng, M J Fenton, A B Fenyuk, S W Ferguson, J Ferrando, A Ferrante, A Ferrari, P Ferrari, R Ferrari, D E Ferreira de Lima, A Ferrer, D Ferrere, C Ferretti, F Fiedler, A Filipčič, F Filthaut, K D Finelli, M C N Fiolhais, L Fiorini, F Fischer, J Fischer, W C Fisher, T Fitschen, I Fleck, P Fleischmann, T Flick, B M Flierl, L Flores, L R Flores Castillo, F M Follega, N Fomin, J H Foo, G T Forcolin, B C Forland, A Formica, F A Förster, A C Forti, E Fortin, M G Foti, D Fournier, H Fox, P Francavilla, S Francescato, M Franchini, S Franchino, D Francis, L Franco, L Franconi, M Franklin, G Frattari, A N Fray, P M Freeman, B Freund, W S Freund, E M Freundlich, D C Frizzell, D Froidevaux, J A Frost, M Fujimoto, C Fukunaga, E Fullana Torregrosa, T Fusayasu, J Fuster, A Gabrielli, A Gabrielli, S Gadatsch, P Gadow, G Gagliardi, L G Gagnon, G E Gallardo, E J Gallas, B J Gallop, R Gamboa Goni, K K Gan, S Ganguly, J Gao, Y Gao, Y S Gao, F M Garay Walls, C García, J E García Navarro, J A García Pascual, C Garcia-Argos, M Garcia-Sciveres, R W Gardner, N Garelli, S Gargiulo, C A Garner, V Garonne, S J Gasiorowski, P Gaspar, A Gaudiello, G Gaudio, I L Gavrilenko, A Gavrilyuk, C Gay, G Gaycken, E N Gazis, A A Geanta, C M Gee, C N P Gee, J Geisen, M Geisen, C Gemme, M H Genest, C Geng, S Gentile, S George, T Geralis, L O Gerlach, P Gessinger-Befurt, G Gessner, S Ghasemi, M Ghasemi Bostanabad, M Ghneimat, A Ghosh, A Ghosh, B Giacobbe, S Giagu, N Giangiacomi, P Giannetti, A Giannini, G Giannini, S M Gibson, M Gignac, D T Gil, B J Gilbert, D Gillberg, G Gilles, D M Gingrich, M P Giordani, P F Giraud, G Giugliarelli, D Giugni, F Giuli, S Gkaitatzis, I Gkialas, E L Gkougkousis, P Gkountoumis, L K Gladilin, C Glasman, J Glatzer, P C F Glaysher, A Glazov, G R Gledhill, I Gnesi, M Goblirsch-Kolb, D Godin, S Goldfarb, T Golling, D Golubkov, A Gomes, R Goncalves Gama, R Gonçalo, G Gonella, L Gonella, A Gongadze, F Gonnella, J L Gonski, S González de la Hoz, S Gonzalez Fernandez, R Gonzalez Lopez, C Gonzalez Renteria, R Gonzalez Suarez, S Gonzalez-Sevilla, G R Gonzalvo Rodriguez, L Goossens, N A Gorasia, P A Gorbounov, H A Gordon, B Gorini, E Gorini, A Gorišek, A T Goshaw, M I Gostkin, C A Gottardo, M Gouighri, A G Goussiou, N Govender, C Goy, I Grabowska-Bold, E C Graham, J Gramling, E Gramstad, S Grancagnolo, M Grandi, V Gratchev, P M Gravila, F G Gravili, C Gray, H M Gray, C Grefe, K Gregersen, I M Gregor, P Grenier, K Grevtsov, C Grieco, N A Grieser, A A Grillo, K Grimm, S Grinstein, J-F Grivaz, S Groh, E Gross, J Grosse-Knetter, Z J Grout, C Grud, A Grummer, J C Grundy, L Guan, W Guan, C Gubbels, J Guenther, A Guerguichon, J G R Guerrero Rojas, F Guescini, D Guest, R Gugel, A Guida, T Guillemin, S Guindon, U Gul, J Guo, W Guo, Y Guo, Z Guo, R Gupta, S Gurbuz, G Gustavino, M Guth, P Gutierrez, C Gutschow, C Guyot, C Gwenlan, C B Gwilliam, E S Haaland, A Haas, C Haber, H K Hadavand, A Hadef, M Haleem, J Haley, J J Hall, G Halladjian, G D Hallewell, K Hamano, H Hamdaoui, M Hamer, G N Hamity, K Han, L Han, S Han, Y F Han, K Hanagaki, M Hance, D M Handl, M D Hank, R Hankache, E Hansen, J B Hansen, J D Hansen, M C Hansen, P H Hansen, E C Hanson, K Hara, T Harenberg, S Harkusha, P F Harrison, N M Hartman, N M Hartmann, Y Hasegawa, A Hasib, S Hassani, S Haug, R Hauser, L B Havener, M Havranek, C M Hawkes, R J Hawkings, S Hayashida, D Hayden, C Hayes, R L Hayes, C P Hays, J M Hays, H S Hayward, S J Haywood, F He, Y He, M P Heath, V Hedberg, S Heer, A L Heggelund, C Heidegger, K K Heidegger, W D Heidorn, J Heilman, S Heim, T Heim, B Heinemann, J G Heinlein, J J Heinrich, L Heinrich, J Hejbal, L Helary, A Held, S Hellesund, C M Helling, S Hellman, C Helsens, R C W Henderson, Y Heng, L Henkelmann, A M Henriques Correia, H Herde, Y Hernández Jiménez, H Herr, M G Herrmann, T Herrmann, G Herten, R Hertenberger, L Hervas, T C Herwig, G G Hesketh, N P Hessey, H Hibi, A Higashida, S Higashino, E Higón-Rodriguez, K Hildebrand, J C Hill, K K Hill, K H Hiller, S J Hillier, M Hils, I Hinchliffe, F Hinterkeuser, M Hirose, S Hirose, D Hirschbuehl, B Hiti, O Hladik, D R Hlaluku, J Hobbs, N Hod, M C Hodgkinson, A Hoecker, D Hohn, D Hohov, T Holm, T R Holmes, M Holzbock, L B A H Hommels, T M Hong, J C Honig, A Hönle, B H Hooberman, W H Hopkins, Y Horii, P Horn, L A Horyn, S Hou, A Hoummada, J Howarth, J Hoya, M Hrabovsky, J Hrdinka, J Hrivnac, A Hrynevich, T Hryn'ova, P J Hsu, S-C Hsu, Q Hu, S Hu, Y F Hu, D P Huang, Y Huang, Y Huang, Z Hubacek, F Hubaut, M Huebner, F Huegging, T B Huffman, M Huhtinen, R Hulsken, R F H Hunter, P Huo, N Huseynov, J Huston, J Huth, R Hyneman, S Hyrych, G Iacobucci, G Iakovidis, I Ibragimov, L Iconomidou-Fayard, P Iengo, R Ignazzi, O Igonkina, R Iguchi, T Iizawa, Y Ikegami, M Ikeno, N Ilic, F Iltzsche, H Imam, G Introzzi, M Iodice, K Iordanidou, V Ippolito, M F Isacson, M Ishino, W Islam, C Issever, S Istin, F Ito, J M Iturbe Ponce, R Iuppa, A Ivina, H Iwasaki, J M Izen, V Izzo, P Jacka, P Jackson, R M Jacobs, B P Jaeger, V Jain, G Jäkel, K B Jakobi, K Jakobs, T Jakoubek, J Jamieson, K W Janas, R Jansky, M Janus, P A Janus, G Jarlskog, A E Jaspan, N Javadov, T Javůrek, M Javurkova, F Jeanneau, L Jeanty, J Jejelava, P Jenni, N Jeong, S Jézéquel, H Ji, J Jia, H Jiang, Y Jiang, Z Jiang, S Jiggins, F A Jimenez Morales, J Jimenez Pena, S Jin, A Jinaru, O Jinnouchi, H Jivan, P Johansson, K A Johns, C A Johnson, R W L Jones, S D Jones, T J Jones, J Jongmanns, J Jovicevic, X Ju, J J Junggeburth, A Juste Rozas, A Kaczmarska, M Kado, H Kagan, M Kagan, A Kahn, C Kahra, T Kaji, E Kajomovitz, C W Kalderon, A Kaluza, A Kamenshchikov, M Kaneda, N J Kang, S Kang, Y Kano, J Kanzaki, L S Kaplan, D Kar, K Karava, M J Kareem, I Karkanias, S N Karpov, Z M Karpova, V Kartvelishvili, A N Karyukhin, E Kasimi, A Kastanas, C Kato, J Katzy, K Kawade, K Kawagoe, T Kawaguchi, T Kawamoto, G Kawamura, E F Kay, S Kazakos, V F Kazanin, R Keeler, R Kehoe, J S Keller, E Kellermann, D Kelsey, J J Kempster, J Kendrick, K E Kennedy, O Kepka, S Kersten, B P Kerševan, S Ketabchi Haghighat, M Khader, F Khalil-Zada, M Khandoga, A Khanov, A G Kharlamov, T Kharlamova, E E Khoda, A Khodinov, T J Khoo, G Khoriauli, E Khramov, J Khubua, S Kido, M Kiehn, C R Kilby, E Kim, Y K Kim, N Kimura, A Kirchhoff, D Kirchmeier, J Kirk, A E Kiryunin, T Kishimoto, D P Kisliuk, V Kitali, C Kitsaki, O Kivernyk, T Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, M Klassen, C Klein, M H Klein, M Klein, U Klein, K Kleinknecht, P Klimek, A Klimentov, T Klingl, T Klioutchnikova, F F Klitzner, P Kluit, S Kluth, E Kneringer, E B F G Knoops, A Knue, D Kobayashi, M Kobel, M Kocian, T Kodama, P Kodys, D M Koeck, P T Koenig, T Koffas, N M Köhler, M Kolb, I Koletsou, T Komarek, T Kondo, K Köneke, A X Y Kong, A C König, T Kono, V Konstantinides, N Konstantinidis, B Konya, R Kopeliansky, S Koperny, K Korcyl, K Kordas, G Koren, A Korn, I Korolkov, E V Korolkova, N Korotkova, O Kortner, S Kortner, V V Kostyukhin, A Kotsokechagia, A Kotwal, A Koulouris, A Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, C Kourkoumelis, E Kourlitis, V Kouskoura, R Kowalewski, W Kozanecki, A S Kozhin, V A Kramarenko, G Kramberger, D Krasnopevtsev, M W Krasny, A Krasznahorkay, D Krauss, J A Kremer, J Kretzschmar, P Krieger, F Krieter, A Krishnan, M Krivos, K Krizka, K Kroeninger, H Kroha, J Kroll, J Kroll, K S Krowpman, U Kruchonak, H Krüger, N Krumnack, M C Kruse, J A Krzysiak, A Kubota, O Kuchinskaia, S Kuday, J T Kuechler, S Kuehn, T Kuhl, V Kukhtin, Y Kulchitsky, S Kuleshov, Y P Kulinich, M Kuna, T Kunigo, A Kupco, T Kupfer, O Kuprash, H Kurashige, L L Kurchaninov, Y A Kurochkin, A Kurova, M G Kurth, E S Kuwertz, M Kuze, A K Kvam, J Kvita, T Kwan, F La Ruffa, C Lacasta, F Lacava, D P J Lack, H Lacker, D Lacour, E Ladygin, R Lafaye, B Laforge, T Lagouri, S Lai, I K Lakomiec, J E Lambert, S Lammers, W Lampl, C Lampoudis, E Lançon, U Landgraf, M P J Landon, M C Lanfermann, V S Lang, J C Lange, R J Langenberg, A J Lankford, F Lanni, K Lantzsch, A Lanza, A Lapertosa, J F Laporte, T Lari, F Lasagni Manghi, M Lassnig, T S Lau, A Laudrain, A Laurier, M Lavorgna, S D Lawlor, M Lazzaroni, B Le, E Le Guirriec, A Lebedev, M LeBlanc, T LeCompte, F Ledroit-Guillon, A C A Lee, C A Lee, G R Lee, L Lee, S C Lee, S Lee, B Lefebvre, H P Lefebvre, M Lefebvre, C Leggett, K Lehmann, N Lehmann, G Lehmann Miotto, W A Leight, A Leisos, M A L Leite, C E Leitgeb, R Leitner, D Lellouch, K J C Leney, T Lenz, S Leone, C Leonidopoulos, A Leopold, C Leroy, R Les, C G Lester, M Levchenko, J Levêque, D Levin, L J Levinson, D J Lewis, B Li, B Li, C-Q Li, F Li, H Li, H Li, J Li, K Li, L Li, M Li, Q Li, Q Y Li, S Li, X Li, Y Li, Z Li, Z Li, Z Li, Z Liang, M Liberatore, B Liberti, A Liblong, K Lie, S Lim, C Y Lin, K Lin, R A Linck, R E Lindley, J H Lindon, A Linss, A L Lionti, E Lipeles, A Lipniacka, T M Liss, A Lister, J D Little, B Liu, B L Liu, H B Liu, J B Liu, J K K Liu, K Liu, M Liu, P Liu, X Liu, Y Liu, Y Liu, Y L Liu, Y W Liu, M Livan, A Lleres, J Llorente Merino, S L Lloyd, C Y Lo, E M Lobodzinska, P Loch, S Loffredo, T Lohse, K Lohwasser, M Lokajicek, J D Long, R E Long, I Longarini, L Longo, K A Looper, I Lopez Paz, A Lopez Solis, J Lorenz, N Lorenzo Martinez, A M Lory, P J Lösel, A Lösle, X Lou, X Lou, A Lounis, J Love, P A Love, J J Lozano Bahilo, M Lu, Y J Lu, H J Lubatti, C Luci, F L Lucio Alves, A Lucotte, F Luehring, I Luise, L Luminari, B Lund-Jensen, M S Lutz, D Lynn, H Lyons, R Lysak, E Lytken, F Lyu, V Lyubushkin, T Lyubushkina, H Ma, L L Ma, Y Ma, D M Mac Donell, G Maccarrone, A Macchiolo, C M Macdonald, J C MacDonald, J Machado Miguens, D Madaffari, R Madar, W F Mader, M Madugoda Ralalage Don, N Madysa, J Maeda, T Maeno, M Maerker, V Magerl, N Magini, J Magro, D J Mahon, C Maidantchik, T Maier, A Maio, K Maj, O Majersky, S Majewski, Y Makida, N Makovec, B Malaescu, Pa Malecki, V P Maleev, F Malek, D Malito, U Mallik, D Malon, C Malone, S Maltezos, S Malyukov, J Mamuzic, G Mancini, I Mandić, L Manhaes de Andrade Filho, I M Maniatis, J Manjarres Ramos, K H Mankinen, A Mann, A Manousos, B Mansoulie, I Manthos, S Manzoni, A Marantis, G Marceca, L Marchese, G Marchiori, M Marcisovsky, L Marcoccia, C Marcon, C A Marin Tobon, M Marjanovic, Z Marshall, M U F Martensson, S Marti-Garcia, C B Martin, T A Martin, V J Martin, B Martin Dit Latour, L Martinelli, M Martinez, P Martinez Agullo, V I Martinez Outschoorn, S Martin-Haugh, V S Martoiu, A C Martyniuk, A Marzin, S R Maschek, L Masetti, T Mashimo, R Mashinistov, J Masik, A L Maslennikov, L Massa, P Massarotti, P Mastrandrea, A Mastroberardino, T Masubuchi, D Matakias, A Matic, N Matsuzawa, P Mättig, J Maurer, B Maček, D A Maximov, R Mazini, I Maznas, S M Mazza, J P Mc Gowan, S P Mc Kee, T G McCarthy, W P McCormack, E F McDonald, J A Mcfayden, G Mchedlidze, M A McKay, K D McLean, S J McMahon, P C McNamara, C J McNicol, R A McPherson, J E Mdhluli, Z A Meadows, S Meehan, T Megy, S Mehlhase, A Mehta, B Meirose, D Melini, B R Mellado Garcia, J D Mellenthin, M Melo, F Meloni, A Melzer, E D Mendes Gouveia, L Meng, X T Meng, S Menke, E Meoni, S Mergelmeyer, S A M Merkt, C Merlassino, P Mermod, L Merola, C Meroni, G Merz, O Meshkov, J K R Meshreki, J Metcalfe, A S Mete, C Meyer, J-P Meyer, M Michetti, R P Middleton, L Mijović, G Mikenberg, M Mikestikova, M Mikuž, H Mildner, A Milic, C D Milke, D W Miller, A Milov, D A Milstead, R A Mina, A A Minaenko, I A Minashvili, A I Mincer, B Mindur, M Mineev, Y Minegishi, L M Mir, M Mironova, A Mirto, K P Mistry, T Mitani, J Mitrevski, V A Mitsou, M Mittal, O Miu, A Miucci, P S Miyagawa, A Mizukami, J U Mjörnmark, T Mkrtchyan, M Mlynarikova, T Moa, S Mobius, K Mochizuki, P Mogg, S Mohapatra, R Moles-Valls, K Mönig, E Monnier, A Montalbano, J Montejo Berlingen, M Montella, F Monticelli, S Monzani, N Morange, A L Moreira De Carvalho, D Moreno, M Moreno Llácer, C Moreno Martinez, P Morettini, M Morgenstern, S Morgenstern, D Mori, M Morii, M Morinaga, V Morisbak, A K Morley, G Mornacchi, A P Morris, L Morvaj, P Moschovakos, B Moser, M Mosidze, T Moskalets, J Moss, E J W Moyse, S Muanza, J Mueller, R S P Mueller, D Muenstermann, G A Mullier, D P Mungo, J L Munoz Martinez, F J Munoz Sanchez, P Murin, W J Murray, A Murrone, J M Muse, M Muškinja, C Mwewa, A G Myagkov, A A Myers, G Myers, J Myers, M Myska, B P Nachman, O Nackenhorst, A Nag Nag, K Nagai, K Nagano, Y Nagasaka, J L Nagle, E Nagy, A M Nairz, Y Nakahama, K Nakamura, T Nakamura, H Nanjo, F Napolitano, R F Naranjo Garcia, R Narayan, I Naryshkin, T Naumann, G Navarro, P Y Nechaeva, F Nechansky, T J Neep, A Negri, M Negrini, C Nellist, C Nelson, M E Nelson, S Nemecek, M Nessi, M S Neubauer, F Neuhaus, M Neumann, R Newhouse, P R Newman, C W Ng, Y S Ng, Y W Y Ng, B Ngair, H D N Nguyen, T Nguyen Manh, E Nibigira, R B Nickerson, R Nicolaidou, D S Nielsen, J Nielsen, M Niemeyer, N Nikiforou, V Nikolaenko, I Nikolic-Audit, K Nikolopoulos, P Nilsson, H R Nindhito, Y Ninomiya, A Nisati, N Nishu, R Nisius, I Nitsche, T Nitta, T Nobe, D L Noel, Y Noguchi, I Nomidis, M A Nomura, M Nordberg, J Novak, T Novak, O Novgorodova, R Novotny, L Nozka, K Ntekas, E Nurse, F G Oakham, H Oberlack, J Ocariz, A Ochi, I Ochoa, J P Ochoa-Ricoux, K O'Connor, S Oda, S Odaka, S Oerdek, A Ogrodnik, A Oh, C C Ohm, H Oide, M L Ojeda, H Okawa, Y Okazaki, M W O'Keefe, Y Okumura, T Okuyama, A Olariu, L F Oleiro Seabra, S A Olivares Pino, D Oliveira Damazio, J L Oliver, M J R Olsson, A Olszewski, J Olszowska, Ö O Öncel, D C O'Neil, A P O'neill, A Onofre, P U E Onyisi, H Oppen, R G Oreamuno Madriz, M J Oreglia, G E Orellana, D Orestano, N Orlando, R S Orr, V O'Shea, R Ospanov, G Otero Y Garzon, H Otono, P S Ott, G J Ottino, M Ouchrif, J Ouellette, F Ould-Saada, A Ouraou, Q Ouyang, M Owen, R E Owen, V E Ozcan, N Ozturk, J Pacalt, H A Pacey, K Pachal, A Pacheco Pages, C Padilla Aranda, S Pagan Griso, G Palacino, S Palazzo, S Palestini, M Palka, P Palni, C E Pandini, J G Panduro Vazquez, P Pani, G Panizzo, L Paolozzi, C Papadatos, K Papageorgiou, S Parajuli, A Paramonov, C Paraskevopoulos, D Paredes Hernandez, S R Paredes Saenz, B Parida, T H Park, A J Parker, M A Parker, F Parodi, E W Parrish, J A Parsons, U Parzefall, L Pascual Dominguez, V R Pascuzzi, J M P Pasner, F Pasquali, E Pasqualucci, S Passaggio, F Pastore, P Pasuwan, S Pataraia, J R Pater, A Pathak, J Patton, T Pauly, J Pearkes, B Pearson, M Pedersen, L Pedraza Diaz, R Pedro, T Peiffer, S V Peleganchuk, O Penc, H Peng, B S Peralva, M M Perego, A P Pereira Peixoto, L Pereira Sanchez, D V Perepelitsa, E Perez Codina, F Peri, L Perini, H Pernegger, S Perrella, A Perrevoort, K Peters, R F Y Peters, B A Petersen, T C Petersen, E Petit, V Petousis, A Petridis, C Petridou, P Petroff, F Petrucci, M Pettee, N E Pettersson, K Petukhova, A Peyaud, R Pezoa, L Pezzotti, T Pham, F H Phillips, P W Phillips, M W Phipps, G Piacquadio, E Pianori, A Picazio, R H Pickles, R Piegaia, D Pietreanu, J E Pilcher, A D Pilkington, M Pinamonti, J L Pinfold, C Pitman Donaldson, M Pitt, L Pizzimento, A Pizzini, M-A Pleier, V Plesanovs, V Pleskot, E Plotnikova, P Podberezko, R Poettgen, R Poggi, L Poggioli, I Pogrebnyak, D Pohl, I Pokharel, G Polesello, A Poley, A Policicchio, R Polifka, A Polini, C S Pollard, V Polychronakos, D Ponomarenko, L Pontecorvo, S Popa, G A Popeneciu, L Portales, D M Portillo Quintero, S Pospisil, K Potamianos, I N Potrap, C J Potter, H Potti, T Poulsen, J Poveda, T D Powell, G Pownall, M E Pozo Astigarraga, P Pralavorio, S Prell, D Price, M Primavera, M L Proffitt, N Proklova, K Prokofiev, F Prokoshin, S Protopopescu, J Proudfoot, M Przybycien, D Pudzha, A Puri, P Puzo, D Pyatiizbyantseva, J Qian, Y Qin, A Quadt, M Queitsch-Maitland, M Racko, F Ragusa, G Rahal, J A Raine, S Rajagopalan, A Ramirez Morales, K Ran, D M Rauch, F Rauscher, S Rave, B Ravina, I Ravinovich, J H Rawling, M Raymond, A L Read, N P Readioff, M Reale, D M Rebuzzi, G Redlinger, K Reeves, J Reichert, D Reikher, A Reiss, A Rej, C Rembser, A Renardi, M Renda, M B Rendel, A G Rennie, S Resconi, E D Resseguie, S Rettie, B Reynolds, E Reynolds, O L Rezanova, P Reznicek, E Ricci, R Richter, S Richter, E Richter-Was, M Ridel, P Rieck, O Rifki, M Rijssenbeek, A Rimoldi, M Rimoldi, L Rinaldi, T T Rinn, G Ripellino, I Riu, P Rivadeneira, J C Rivera Vergara, F Rizatdinova, E Rizvi, C Rizzi, S H Robertson, M Robin, D Robinson, C M Robles Gajardo, M Robles Manzano, A Robson, A Rocchi, E Rocco, C Roda, S Rodriguez Bosca, A M Rodríguez Vera, S Roe, J Roggel, O Røhne, R Röhrig, R A Rojas, B Roland, C P A Roland, J Roloff, A Romaniouk, M Romano, N Rompotis, M Ronzani, L Roos, S Rosati, G Rosin, B J Rosser, E Rossi, E Rossi, E Rossi, L P Rossi, L Rossini, R Rosten, M Rotaru, B Rottler, D Rousseau, G Rovelli, A Roy, D Roy, A Rozanov, Y Rozen, X Ruan, T A Ruggeri, F Rühr, A Ruiz-Martinez, A Rummler, Z Rurikova, N A Rusakovich, H L Russell, L Rustige, J P Rutherfoord, E M Rüttinger, M Rybar, G Rybkin, E B Rye, A Ryzhov, J A Sabater Iglesias, P Sabatini, L Sabetta, S Sacerdoti, H F-W Sadrozinski, R Sadykov, F Safai Tehrani, B Safarzadeh Samani, M Safdari, P Saha, S Saha, M Sahinsoy, A Sahu, M Saimpert, M Saito, T Saito, H Sakamoto, D Salamani, G Salamanna, A Salnikov, J Salt, A Salvador Salas, D Salvatore, F Salvatore, A Salvucci, A Salzburger, J Samarati, D Sammel, D Sampsonidis, D Sampsonidou, J Sánchez, A Sanchez Pineda, H Sandaker, C O Sander, I G Sanderswood, M Sandhoff, C Sandoval, D P C Sankey, M Sannino, Y Sano, A Sansoni, C Santoni, H Santos, S N Santpur, A Santra, K A Saoucha, A Sapronov, J G Saraiva, O Sasaki, K Sato, F Sauerburger, E Sauvan, P Savard, R Sawada, C Sawyer, L Sawyer, I Sayago Galvan, C Sbarra, A Sbrizzi, T Scanlon, J Schaarschmidt, P Schacht, D Schaefer, L Schaefer, S Schaepe, U Schäfer, A C Schaffer, D Schaile, R D Schamberger, E Schanet, C Scharf, N Scharmberg, V A Schegelsky, D Scheirich, F Schenck, M Schernau, C Schiavi, L K Schildgen, Z M Schillaci, E J Schioppa, M Schioppa, K E Schleicher, S Schlenker, K R Schmidt-Sommerfeld, K Schmieden, C Schmitt, S Schmitt, J C Schmoeckel, L Schoeffel, A Schoening, P G Scholer, E Schopf, M Schott, J F P Schouwenberg, J Schovancova, S Schramm, F Schroeder, A Schulte, H-C Schultz-Coulon, M Schumacher, B A Schumm, Ph Schune, A Schwartzman, T A Schwarz, Ph Schwemling, R Schwienhorst, A Sciandra, G Sciolla, M Scornajenghi, F Scuri, F Scutti, L M Scyboz, C D Sebastiani, P Seema, S C Seidel, A Seiden, B D Seidlitz, T Seiss, C Seitz, J M Seixas, G Sekhniaidze, S J Sekula, N Semprini-Cesari, S Sen, C Serfon, L Serin, L Serkin, M Sessa, H Severini, S Sevova, F Sforza, A Sfyrla, E Shabalina, J D Shahinian, N W Shaikh, D Shaked Renous, L Y Shan, M Shapiro, A Sharma, A S Sharma, P B Shatalov, K Shaw, S M Shaw, M Shehade, Y Shen, A D Sherman, P Sherwood, L Shi, S Shimizu, C O Shimmin, Y Shimogama, M Shimojima, I P J Shipsey, S Shirabe, M Shiyakova, J Shlomi, A Shmeleva, M J Shochet, J Shojaii, D R Shope, S Shrestha, E M Shrif, E Shulga, P Sicho, A M Sickles, E Sideras Haddad, O Sidiropoulou, A Sidoti, F Siegert, Dj Sijacki, Manuel Jr Silva, M V Silva Oliveira, S B Silverstein, S Simion, R Simoniello, C J Simpson-Allsop, S Simsek, P Sinervo, V Sinetckii, S Singh, M Sioli, I Siral, S Yu Sivoklokov, J Sjölin, A Skaf, E Skorda, P Skubic, M Slawinska, K Sliwa, R Slovak, V Smakhtin, B H Smart, J Smiesko, N Smirnov, S Yu Smirnov, Y Smirnov, L N Smirnova, O Smirnova, E A Smith, H A Smith, M Smizanska, K Smolek, A Smykiewicz, A A Snesarev, H L Snoek, I M Snyder, S Snyder, R Sobie, A Soffer, A Søgaard, F Sohns, C A Solans Sanchez, E Yu Soldatov, U Soldevila, A A Solodkov, A Soloshenko, O V Solovyanov, V Solovyev, P Sommer, H Son, W Song, W Y Song, A Sopczak, A L Sopio, F Sopkova, S Sottocornola, R Soualah, A M Soukharev, D South, S Spagnolo, M Spalla, M Spangenberg, F Spanò, D Sperlich, T M Spieker, G Spigo, M Spina, D P Spiteri, M Spousta, A Stabile, B L Stamas, R Stamen, M Stamenkovic, E Stanecka, B Stanislaus, M M Stanitzki, M Stankaityte, B Stapf, E A Starchenko, G H Stark, J Stark, P Staroba, P Starovoitov, S Stärz, R Staszewski, G Stavropoulos, M Stegler, P Steinberg, A L Steinhebel, B Stelzer, H J Stelzer, O Stelzer-Chilton, H Stenzel, T J Stevenson, G A Stewart, M C Stockton, G Stoicea, M Stolarski, S Stonjek, A Straessner, J Strandberg, S Strandberg, M Strauss, T Strebler, P Strizenec, R Ströhmer, D M Strom, R Stroynowski, A Strubig, S A Stucci, B Stugu, J Stupak, N A Styles, D Su, W Su, X Su, V V Sulin, M J Sullivan, D M S Sultan, S Sultansoy, T Sumida, S Sun, X Sun, K Suruliz, C J E Suster, M R Sutton, S Suzuki, M Svatos, M Swiatlowski, S P Swift, T Swirski, A Sydorenko, I Sykora, M Sykora, T Sykora, D Ta, K Tackmann, J Taenzer, A Taffard, R Tafirout, E Tagiev, R Takashima, K Takeda, T Takeshita, E P Takeva, Y Takubo, M Talby, A A Talyshev, K C Tam, N M Tamir, J Tanaka, R Tanaka, S Tapia Araya, S Tapprogge, A Tarek Abouelfadl Mohamed, S Tarem, K Tariq, G Tarna, G F Tartarelli, P Tas, M Tasevsky, T Tashiro, E Tassi, A Tavares Delgado, Y Tayalati, A J Taylor, G N Taylor, W Taylor, H Teagle, A S Tee, R Teixeira De Lima, P Teixeira-Dias, H Ten Kate, J J Teoh, S Terada, K Terashi, J Terron, S Terzo, M Testa, R J Teuscher, S J Thais, N Themistokleous, T Theveneaux-Pelzer, F Thiele, D W Thomas, J O Thomas, J P Thomas, E A Thompson, P D Thompson, E Thomson, E J Thorpe, R E Ticse Torres, V O Tikhomirov, Yu A Tikhonov, S Timoshenko, P Tipton, S Tisserant, K Todome, S Todorova-Nova, S Todt, J Tojo, S Tokár, K Tokushuku, E Tolley, R Tombs, K G Tomiwa, M Tomoto, L Tompkins, P Tornambe, E Torrence, H Torres, E Torró Pastor, C Tosciri, J Toth, D R Tovey, A Traeet, C J Treado, T Trefzger, F Tresoldi, A Tricoli, I M Trigger, S Trincaz-Duvoid, D A Trischuk, W Trischuk, B Trocmé, A Trofymov, C Troncon, F Trovato, L Truong, M Trzebinski, A Trzupek, F Tsai, J C-L Tseng, P V Tsiareshka, A Tsirigotis, V Tsiskaridze, E G Tskhadadze, M Tsopoulou, I I Tsukerman, V Tsulaia, S Tsuno, D Tsybychev, Y Tu, A Tudorache, V Tudorache, T T Tulbure, A N Tuna, S Turchikhin, D Turgeman, I Turk Cakir, R J Turner, R Turra, P M Tuts, S Tzamarias, E Tzovara, K Uchida, F Ukegawa, G Unal, M Unal, A Undrus, G Unel, F C Ungaro, Y Unno, K Uno, J Urban, P Urquijo, G Usai, Z Uysal, V Vacek, B Vachon, K O H Vadla, T Vafeiadis, A Vaidya, C Valderanis, E Valdes Santurio, M Valente, S Valentinetti, A Valero, L Valéry, R A Vallance, A Vallier, J A Valls Ferrer, T R Van Daalen, P Van Gemmeren, S Van Stroud, I Van Vulpen, M Vanadia, W Vandelli, M Vandenbroucke, E R Vandewall, A Vaniachine, D Vannicola, R Vari, E W Varnes, C Varni, T Varol, D Varouchas, K E Varvell, M E Vasile, G A Vasquez, F Vazeille, D Vazquez Furelos, T Vazquez Schroeder, J 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Restricted intramolecular rotation of fluorescent molecular rotors at the periphery of aqueous microdroplets in oil.

Fluorescent molecular rotor dyes, including Cy3, Cy5, and Alexa Fluor 555, dissolved in micron-sized aqueous droplets (microdroplets) in oil were excited, and the fluorescence intensity was recorded as function of time. We observed lengthening of the fluorescence lifetime of these dyes at the water-oil periphery, which extended several microns inward. This behavior shows that intramolecular rotation is restricted at and near the microdroplet interface. Lengthened lifetimes were observed in water microdroplets but not in microdroplets composed of organic solvents. This lifetime change was relatively insensitive to added glycerol up to 60%, suggesting that solution viscosity is not the dominant mechanism. These restricted intramolecular rotations at and near the microdroplet periphery are consistent with the reduced entropy observed in chemical reactions in microdroplets compared to the same reaction conditions in bulk solution and helps us further understand why microdroplet chemistry differs so markedly from bulk-phase chemistry.
Jooyoun Kang, SangMoon Lhee, Jae Kyoo Lee, Richard N Zare, Hong Gil Nam

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Neurochemistry of Enteric Neurons Following Prolonged Indomethacin Administration in the Porcine Duodenum.

Gastrointestinal inflammation resulting from prolonged NSAID drugs treatment constitutes a worldwide medical problem. The role of enteric neuroactive substances involved in this process has recently gained attention and neuropeptides produced by the enteric nervous system may play an important role in the modulation of gastrointestinal inflammation. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of inflammation caused by indomethacin supplementation on vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP), substance P (SP), neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS), galanin (GAL), pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP), and cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide (CART) expression in enteric duodenal neurons in domestic pigs. Eight immature pigs of the Pietrain × Duroc race (20 kg of body weight) were used. Control animals (n=4) received empty gelatine capsules. Experimental pigs (n=4) were given indomethacin for 4 weeks, orally 10 mg/kg daily, approximately 1 h before feeding. The animals from both groups were then euthanized. Frozen sections were prepared from the collected duodenum and subjected to double immunofluorescence staining. Primary antibodies against neuronal marker PGP 9.5 and VIP, nNOS, SP, GAL, CART, and PACAP were visualized with Alexa Fluor 488 and 546. Sections were analyzed under an Olympus BX51 fluorescence microscope. Microscopic analysis showed significant increases in the number of nNOS-, VIP-, SP-, GAL-, PACAP-, and CART-immunoreactive ganglionic neurons, in both the myenteric and submucous plexuses of the porcine duodenum. The obtained results show the participation of enteric neurotransmitters in the neuronal duodenal response to indomethacin-induced inflammation.
Marta Czajkowska, Jarosław Całka

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Considerations for Determining the Coefficient of Inertia Masses for a Tracked Vehicle.

The purpose of the article is to present a point of view on determining the mass moment of inertia coefficient of a tracked vehicle. This coefficient is very useful to be able to estimate the performance of a tracked vehicle, including slips in the converter. Determining vehicle acceleration plays an important role in assessing vehicle mobility. Additionally, during the transition from the Hydroconverter to the hydro-clutch regime, these estimations become quite difficult due to the complexity of the propulsion aggregate (engine and hydrodynamic transmission) and rolling equipment. The algorithm for determining performance is focused on estimating acceleration performance. To validate the proposed model, tests were performed to determine the equivalent reduced moments of inertia at the drive wheel (gravitational method) and the main components (three-wire pendulum method). The dynamic performances determined during the starting process are necessary for the validation of the general model for simulating the longitudinal dynamics of the vehicle. Finally, the differential and algebraic equations of the virtual model approximate more accurately the actual process of the operation of the vehicle. The virtual model, through the data obtained from the simulation process, allows for the determination, indirectly, of the variation of the mass moment of inertia coefficient and its expression of approximation.
Octavian Alexa, Iulian Coropețchi, Alexandru Vasile, Ionica Oncioiu, Lucian Ștefăniță Grigore

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Alexa, do I have COVID-19?

Emily Anthes

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