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Correction to: Risk of relapse after anti-PD1 discontinuation in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma.

G Manson, P Brice, C Herbaux, M G Silva, K Bouabdallah, B Deau, J Bouteloup, J M Schiano, E Nicolas-Virelizier, M Maerevoet, H Ghesquieres, A Stamatoullas, C Antier, C Carlo-Stella, M de Charette, F Poizeau, L Dercle, Roch Houot

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The emerging role of estrogen related receptorα in complications of non-small cell lung cancers.

Approximately 85% of lung cancer cases are recognized as non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with a perilous (13-17%) 5-year survival in Europe and the USA. Although tobacco smoking has consistently emerged as the leading cause of NSCLC complications, its consequences are distinctly manifest with respect to sex bias, due to differential gene and sex hormone expression. Estrogen related receptor α (ERRα), a member of the nuclear orphan receptor superfamily is normally expressed in the lungs, and activates various nuclear genes without binding to the ligands, such as estrogens. In NSCLC ERRα expression is significantly higher compared with healthy individuals. It is well established ERα and ERβ' have 93% and 60% identity in the DNA and ligand binding domains, respectively. ERα and ERRα have 69% (70% with ERRα-1) and 34% (35% with ERRα-1) identity, respectively; ERRα and ERRβ' have 92 and 61% identity, respectively. However, whether there is distinctive ERRα interaction with mammalian estrogens or concurrent involvement in non-ER signalling pathway activation is not known. Relevant to NSCLC, ERRα promotes proliferation, invasion and migration by silencing the tumor suppressor proteins p53 and pRB, and accelerates G-M transition during cell division. Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and activation of Slug (an EMT associated transcription factor) are the prominent mechanisms by which ERRα activates NSCLC metastasis. Based on these observations, the present article focuses on the feasibility of antiERRα therapy alone and in combination with antiER as a therapeutic strategy for NSCLC complications.
Tapan K Mukherjee, Parth Malik, John R Hoidal

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The contributions of metabolomics in the discovery of new therapeutic targets in Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) leads to the progressive loss of memory and other cognitive functions. It is the most common form of dementia in the elderly and has become a major public health problem due to the increase in life expectancy. Although the detection of AD is based on several neuropsychological tests, imaging, and biological analyses, none of these biomarkers allows a clear understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the disease, and no efficient treatment is currently available. Metabolomics, which allows the study of biochemical alterations underlying pathological processes, could help to identify these mechanisms, to discover new therapeutic targets, and to monitor the therapeutic response and disease progression. In this review, we have summarized and analyzed the results from a number of studies on metabolomics analyses performed in biological samples originated from the central nervous system, in AD subjects, and in animal models of this disease. This synthesis revealed modified expression of specific metabolites in pathological conditions which allowed the identification of significantly impacted metabolic pathways both in animals and humans, such as the arginine biosynthesis and the alanine, aspartate, and glutamate metabolism. We discuss the potential biochemical mechanisms involved, the extent to which they could impact the specific hallmarks of AD, and the therapeutic approaches which could be proposed as a result.
Rayhanatou Altiné-Samey, Daniel Antier, Sylvie Mavel, Diane Dufour-Rainfray, Anna-Chloé Balageas, Emilie Beaufils, Patrick Emond, Laura Foucault-Fruchard, Sylvie Chalon

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Multimessenger constraints on the neutron-star equation of state and the Hubble constant.

Observations of neutron-star mergers with distinct messengers, including gravitational waves and electromagnetic signals, can be used to study the behavior of matter denser than an atomic nucleus and to measure the expansion rate of the Universe as quantified by the Hubble constant. We performed a joint analysis of the gravitational-wave event GW170817 with its electromagnetic counterparts AT2017gfo and GRB170817A, and the gravitational-wave event GW190425, both originating from neutron-star mergers. We combined these with previous measurements of pulsars using x-ray and radio observations, and nuclear-theory computations using chiral effective field theory, to constrain the neutron-star equation of state. We found that the radius of a 1.4-solar mass neutron star is [Formula: see text] km at 90% confidence and the Hubble constant is [Formula: see text] at 1σ uncertainty.
Tim Dietrich, Michael W Coughlin, Peter T H Pang, Mattia Bulla, Jack Heinzel, Lina Issa, Ingo Tews, Sarah Antier

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Carfilzomib in combination with daratumumab in the management of relapsed multiple myeloma.

The therapeutic landscape of relapsed multiple myeloma (MM) is constantly evolving. To date, a large proportion of patients present with lenalidomide refractory disease at the time of first or second relapse. In this context, few efficient options are currently available. Carfilzomib and daratumumab are approved in the relapse setting. Recently, Phase Ib and Phase III trials evaluated the triplet drug combination daratumumab-carfilzomib-dexamethasone in the relapse setting and demonstrated strong clinical efficacy, especially in lenalidomide refractory patients. Based on these results, this combination has been approved by the US FDA for relapsed MM patients. The present review discusses the safety and efficacy of daratumumab-carfilzomib-dexamethasone in MM.
Cyrille Touzeau, Chloé Antier, Philippe Moreau

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Compared benefits of educational programs dedicated to diabetic patients with or without community pharmacist involvement.

International guidelines on diabetes control strongly encourage the setting-up of therapeutic educational programs (TEP). However, more than half of the patients fail to control their diabetes a few months post-TEP because of a lack of regular follow-up by medical professionals. The DIAB-CH is a TEP associated with the follow-up of diabetic patients by the community pharmacist.
Laura Foucault-Fruchard, Laura Bizzoto, Aude Allemang-Trivalle, Peggy Renoult-Pierre, Daniel Antier

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Quantum Backaction on kg-Scale Mirrors: Observation of Radiation Pressure Noise in the Advanced Virgo Detector.

The quantum radiation pressure and the quantum shot noise in laser-interferometric gravitational wave detectors constitute a macroscopic manifestation of the Heisenberg inequality. If quantum shot noise can be easily observed, the observation of quantum radiation pressure noise has been elusive, so far, due to the technical noise competing with quantum effects. Here, we discuss the evidence of quantum radiation pressure noise in the Advanced Virgo gravitational wave detector. In our experiment, we inject squeezed vacuum states of light into the interferometer in order to manipulate the quantum backaction on the 42 kg mirrors and observe the corresponding quantum noise driven displacement at frequencies between 30 and 70 Hz. The experimental data, obtained in various interferometer configurations, is tested against the Advanced Virgo detector quantum noise model which confirmed the measured magnitude of quantum radiation pressure noise.
F Acernese, M Agathos, L Aiello, A Ain, A Allocca, A Amato, S Ansoldi, S Antier, M Arène, N Arnaud, S Ascenzi, P Astone, F Aubin, S Babak, F Badaracco, M K M Bader, S Bagnasco, J Baird, G Ballardin, G Baltus, C Barbieri, P Barneo, F Barone, M Barsuglia, D Barta, A Basti, M Bawaj, M Bazzan, M Bejger, I Belahcene, S Bernuzzi, D Bersanetti, A Bertolini, M Bischi, M Bitossi, M-A Bizouard, O Blanch, F Bobba, M Boer, G Bogaert, M Boldrini, F Bondu, R Bonnand, B A Boom, V Boschi, V Boudart, Y Bouffanais, A Bozzi, C Bradaschia, M Branchesi, M Breschi, T Briant, F Brighenti, A Brillet, J Brooks, G Bruno, T Bulik, H J Bulten, D Buskulic, G Cagnoli, E Calloni, M Canepa, G Carapella, F Carbognani, M Carpinelli, G Carullo, J Casanueva Diaz, C Casentini, S Caudill, F Cavalier, R Cavalieri, G Cella, P Cerdá-Durán, E Cesarini, W Chaibi, P Chanial, E Chassande-Mottin, F Chiadini, R Chierici, A Chincarini, A Chiummo, N Christensen, S Chua, G Ciani, P Ciecielag, M Cieślar, M Cifaldi, R Ciolfi, F Cipriano, A Cirone, S Clesse, F Cleva, E Coccia, P-F Cohadon, D E Cohen, M Colpi, L Conti, I Cordero-Carrión, S Corezzi, D Corre, S Cortese, J-P Coulon, M Croquette, J R Cudell, E Cuoco, M Curylo, B D'Angelo, S D'Antonio, L D'Onofrio, D D'Urso, T Dal Canton, V Dattilo, M Davier, M De Laurentis, F De Matteis, R De Pietri, R De Rosa, C De Rossi, J Degallaix, W Del Pozzo, S Deléglise, A Depasse, L Di Fiore, C Di Giorgio, F Di Giovanni, M Di Giovanni, T Di Girolamo, A Di Lieto, S Di Pace, I Di Palma, F Di Renzo, T Dietrich, M Drago, J-G Ducoin, O Durante, P-A Duverne, M Eisenmann, L Errico, D Estevez, V Fafone, S Farinon, M Fays, F Feng, E Fenyvesi, I Ferrante, F Fidecaro, P Figura, I Fiori, D Fiorucci, R Fittipaldi, V Fiumara, R Flaminio, J A Font, J-D Fournier, S Frasca, F Frasconi, V Frey, G G Fronzé, R Gamba, B Garaventa, F Garufi, G Gemme, A Gennai, Archisman Ghosh, B Giacomazzo, L Giacoppo, P Giri, M Gosselin, R Gouaty, A Grado, M Granata, V Granata, G Greco, G Grignani, A Grimaldi, S J Grimm, P Gruning, G M Guidi, G Guixé, Y Guo, P Gupta, L Haegel, O Halim, O Hannuksela, T Harder, K Haris, J Harms, A Heidmann, H Heitmann, P Hello, G Hemming, E Hennes, D Hofman, V Hui, B Idzkowski, A Iess, G Intini, T Jacqmin, K Janssens, P Jaranowski, R J G Jonker, C Karathanasis, S Katsanevas, F Kéfélian, I Khan, N Khetan, G Koekoek, S Koley, M Kolstein, A Królak, I La Rosa, D Laghi, A Lamberts, A Lartaux-Vollard, C Lazzaro, P Leaci, N Leroy, N Letendre, F Linde, M Llorens-Monteagudo, A Longo, M Lorenzini, V Loriette, G Losurdo, D Lumaca, A Macquet, C Magazzù, E Majorana, I Maksimovic, N Man, V Mangano, M Mantovani, M Mapelli, F Marchesoni, F Marion, A Marquina, S Marsat, F Martelli, M Martinez, V Martinez, A Masserot, S Mastrogiovanni, A Menendez-Vazquez, L Mereni, M Merzougui, R Metzdorff, A Miani, C Michel, L Milano, A Miller, E Milotti, O Minazzoli, Y Minenkov, Ll M Mir, M Montani, F Morawski, B Mours, F Muciaccia, A Nagar, I Nardecchia, L Naticchioni, J Neilson, G Nelemans, C Nguyen, S Nissanke, F Nocera, G Oganesyan, C Olivetto, G Pagano, G Pagliaroli, C Palomba, T H Pang, F Pannarale, F Paoletti, A Paoli, A Paolone, D Pascucci, A Pasqualetti, R Passaquieti, D Passuello, B Patricelli, M Pegoraro, A Perego, C Périgois, A Perreca, S Perriès, K S Phukon, O J Piccinni, M Pichot, M Piendibene, F Piergiovanni, L Pierini, V Pierro, G Pillant, F Pilo, L Pinard, I M Pinto, K Piotrzkowski, E Placidi, W Plastino, R Poggiani, E Polini, P Popolizio, E K Porter, M Pracchia, M Principe, G A Prodi, P Prosposito, A Puecher, M Punturo, F Puosi, P Puppo, G Raaijmakers, N Radulesco, P Rapagnani, M Razzano, T Regimbau, L Rei, P Rettegno, F Ricci, G Riemenschneider, F Robinet, A Rocchi, L Rolland, M Romanelli, R Romano, A Romero, S Ronchini, D Rosińska, P Ruggi, O S Salafia, L Salconi, A Samajdar, N Sanchis-Gual, E Santos, B Sassolas, O Sauter, S Sayah, M Seglar-Arroyo, D Sentenac, V Sequino, A Sharma, M Sieniawska, N Singh, A Singhal, V Sipala, V Sordini, F Sorrentino, N Sorrentino, R Soulard, M Spera, C Stachie, D A Steer, G Stratta, A Sur, B L Swinkels, M Tacca, A J Tanasijczuk, E N Tapia San Martin, M Tonelli, A Torres-Forné, I Tosta E Melo, A Trapananti, F Travasso, M C Tringali, A Trovato, K W Tsang, M Turconi, M Valentini, N van Bakel, M van Beuzekom, J F J van den Brand, C Van Den Broeck, L van der Schaaf, M Vardaro, M Vasúth, G Vedovato, D Verkindt, F Vetrano, A Viceré, J-Y Vinet, H Vocca, R C Walet, M Was, A Zadrożny, T Zelenova, J-P Zendri, , M Mehmet, H Vahlbruch, H Lück, K Danzmann

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Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA.

We present our current best estimate of the plausible observing scenarios for the Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA gravitational-wave detectors over the next several years, with the intention of providing information to facilitate planning for multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves. We estimate the sensitivity of the network to transient gravitational-wave signals for the third (O3), fourth (O4) and fifth observing (O5) runs, including the planned upgrades of the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo detectors. We study the capability of the network to determine the sky location of the source for gravitational-wave signals from the inspiral of binary systems of compact objects, that is binary neutron star, neutron star-black hole, and binary black hole systems. The ability to localize the sources is given as a sky-area probability, luminosity distance, and comoving volume. The median sky localization area (90% credible region) is expected to be a few hundreds of square degrees for all types of binary systems during O3 with the Advanced LIGO and Virgo (HLV) network. The median sky localization area will improve to a few tens of square degrees during O4 with the Advanced LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA (HLVK) network. During O3, the median localization volume (90% credible region) is expected to be on the order of for binary neutron star, neutron star-black hole, and binary black hole systems, respectively. The localization volume in O4 is expected to be about a factor two smaller than in O3. We predict a detection count of ( ) for binary neutron star mergers, of ( ) for neutron star-black hole mergers, and ( ) for binary black hole mergers in a one-calendar-year observing run of the HLV network during O3 (HLVK network during O4). We evaluate sensitivity and localization expectations for unmodeled signal searches, including the search for intermediate mass black hole binary mergers.
B P Abbott, R Abbott, T D Abbott, S Abraham, F Acernese, K Ackley, C Adams, V B Adya, C Affeldt, M Agathos, K Agatsuma, N Aggarwal, O D Aguiar, L Aiello, A Ain, P Ajith, T Akutsu, G Allen, A Allocca, M A Aloy, P A Altin, A Amato, A Ananyeva, S B Anderson, W G Anderson, M Ando, S V Angelova, S Antier, S Appert, K Arai, Koya Arai, Y Arai, S Araki, A Araya, M C Araya, J S Areeda, M Arène, N Aritomi, N Arnaud, K G Arun, S Ascenzi, G Ashton, Y Aso, S M Aston, P Astone, F Aubin, P Aufmuth, K AultONeal, C Austin, V Avendano, A Avila-Alvarez, S Babak, P Bacon, F Badaracco, M K M Bader, S W Bae, Y B Bae, L Baiotti, R Bajpai, P T Baker, F Baldaccini, G Ballardin, S W Ballmer, S Banagiri, J C Barayoga, S E Barclay, B C Barish, D Barker, K Barkett, S Barnum, F Barone, B Barr, L Barsotti, M Barsuglia, D Barta, J Bartlett, M A Barton, I Bartos, R Bassiri, A Basti, M Bawaj, J C Bayley, M Bazzan, B Bécsy, M Bejger, I Belahcene, A S Bell, D Beniwal, B K Berger, G Bergmann, S Bernuzzi, J J Bero, C P L Berry, D Bersanetti, A Bertolini, J Betzwieser, R Bhandare, J Bidler, I A Bilenko, S A Bilgili, G Billingsley, J Birch, R Birney, O Birnholtz, S Biscans, S Biscoveanu, A Bisht, M Bitossi, M A Bizouard, J K Blackburn, C D Blair, D G Blair, R M Blair, S Bloemen, N Bode, M Boer, Y Boetzel, G Bogaert, F Bondu, E Bonilla, R Bonnand, P Booker, B A Boom, C D Booth, R Bork, V Boschi, S Bose, K Bossie, V Bossilkov, J Bosveld, Y Bouffanais, A Bozzi, C Bradaschia, P R Brady, A Bramley, M Branchesi, J E Brau, T Briant, J H Briggs, F Brighenti, A Brillet, M Brinkmann, V Brisson, P Brockill, A F Brooks, D A Brown, D D Brown, S Brunett, A Buikema, T Bulik, H J Bulten, A Buonanno, D Buskulic, C Buy, R L Byer, M Cabero, L Cadonati, G Cagnoli, C Cahillane, J Calderón Bustillo, T A Callister, E Calloni, J B Camp, W A Campbell, M Canepa, K Cannon, K C Cannon, H Cao, J Cao, E Capocasa, F Carbognani, S Caride, M F Carney, G Carullo, J Casanueva Diaz, C Casentini, S Caudill, M Cavaglià, F Cavalier, R Cavalieri, G Cella, P Cerdá-Durán, G Cerretani, E Cesarini, O Chaibi, K Chakravarti, S J Chamberlin, M Chan, M L Chan, S Chao, P Charlton, E A Chase, E Chassande-Mottin, D Chatterjee, M Chaturvedi, K Chatziioannou, B D Cheeseboro, C S Chen, H Y Chen, K H Chen, X Chen, Y Chen, Y R Chen, H-P Cheng, C K Cheong, H Y Chia, A Chincarini, A Chiummo, G Cho, H S Cho, M Cho, N Christensen, H Y Chu, Q Chu, Y K Chu, S Chua, K W Chung, S Chung, G Ciani, A A Ciobanu, R Ciolfi, F Cipriano, A Cirone, F Clara, J A Clark, P Clearwater, F Cleva, C Cocchieri, E Coccia, P-F Cohadon, D Cohen, R Colgan, M Colleoni, C G Collette, C Collins, L R Cominsky, M Constancio, L Conti, S J Cooper, P Corban, T R Corbitt, I Cordero-Carrión, K R Corley, N Cornish, A Corsi, S Cortese, C A Costa, R Cotesta, M W Coughlin, S B Coughlin, J-P Coulon, S T Countryman, P Couvares, P B Covas, E E Cowan, D M Coward, M J Cowart, D C Coyne, R Coyne, J D E Creighton, T D Creighton, J Cripe, M Croquette, S G Crowder, T J Cullen, A Cumming, L Cunningham, E Cuoco, T Dal Canton, G Dálya, S L Danilishin, S D'Antonio, K Danzmann, A Dasgupta, C F Da Silva Costa, L E H Datrier, V Dattilo, I Dave, M Davier, D Davis, E J Daw, D DeBra, M Deenadayalan, J Degallaix, M De Laurentis, S Deléglise, W Del Pozzo, L M DeMarchi, N Demos, T Dent, R De Pietri, J Derby, R De Rosa, C De Rossi, R DeSalvo, O de Varona, S Dhurandhar, M C Díaz, T Dietrich, L Di Fiore, M Di Giovanni, T Di Girolamo, A Di Lieto, B Ding, S Di Pace, I Di Palma, F Di Renzo, A Dmitriev, Z Doctor, K Doi, F Donovan, K L Dooley, S Doravari, I Dorrington, T P Downes, M Drago, J C Driggers, Z Du, J-G Ducoin, P Dupej, S E Dwyer, P J Easter, T B Edo, M C Edwards, A Effler, S Eguchi, P Ehrens, J Eichholz, S S Eikenberry, M Eisenmann, R A Eisenstein, Y Enomoto, R C Essick, H Estelles, D Estevez, Z B Etienne, T Etzel, M Evans, T M Evans, V Fafone, H Fair, S Fairhurst, X Fan, S Farinon, B Farr, W M Farr, E J Fauchon-Jones, M Favata, M Fays, M Fazio, C Fee, J Feicht, M M Fejer, F Feng, A Fernandez-Galiana, I Ferrante, E C Ferreira, T A Ferreira, F Ferrini, F Fidecaro, I Fiori, D Fiorucci, M Fishbach, R P Fisher, J M Fishner, M Fitz-Axen, R Flaminio, M Fletcher, E Flynn, H Fong, J A Font, P W F Forsyth, J-D Fournier, S Frasca, F Frasconi, Z Frei, A Freise, R Frey, V Frey, P Fritschel, V V Frolov, Y Fujii, M Fukunaga, M Fukushima, P Fulda, M Fyffe, H A Gabbard, B U Gadre, S M Gaebel, J R Gair, L Gammaitoni, M R Ganija, S G Gaonkar, A Garcia, C García-Quirós, F Garufi, B Gateley, S Gaudio, G Gaur, V Gayathri, G G Ge, G Gemme, E Genin, A Gennai, D George, J George, L Gergely, V Germain, S Ghonge, Abhirup Ghosh, Archisman Ghosh, S Ghosh, B Giacomazzo, J A Giaime, K D Giardina, A Giazotto, K Gill, G Giordano, L Glover, P Godwin, E Goetz, R Goetz, B Goncharov, G González, J M Gonzalez Castro, A Gopakumar, M L Gorodetsky, S E Gossan, M Gosselin, R Gouaty, A Grado, C Graef, M Granata, A Grant, S Gras, P Grassia, C Gray, R Gray, G Greco, A C Green, R Green, E M Gretarsson, P Groot, H Grote, S Grunewald, P Gruning, G M Guidi, H K Gulati, Y Guo, A Gupta, M K Gupta, E K Gustafson, R Gustafson, L Haegel, A Hagiwara, S Haino, O Halim, B R Hall, E D Hall, E Z Hamilton, G Hammond, M Haney, M M Hanke, J Hanks, C Hanna, M D Hannam, O A Hannuksela, J Hanson, T Hardwick, K Haris, J Harms, G M Harry, I W Harry, K Hasegawa, C-J Haster, K Haughian, H Hayakawa, K Hayama, F J Hayes, J Healy, A Heidmann, M C Heintze, H Heitmann, P Hello, G Hemming, M Hendry, I S Heng, J Hennig, A W Heptonstall, M Heurs, S Hild, Y Himemoto, T Hinderer, Y Hiranuma, N Hirata, E Hirose, D Hoak, S Hochheim, D Hofman, A M Holgado, N A Holland, K Holt, D E Holz, Z Hong, P Hopkins, C Horst, J Hough, E J Howell, C G Hoy, A Hreibi, B H Hsieh, G Z Huang, P W Huang, Y J Huang, E A Huerta, D Huet, B Hughey, M Hulko, S Husa, S H Huttner, T Huynh-Dinh, B Idzkowski, A Iess, B Ikenoue, S Imam, K Inayoshi, C Ingram, Y Inoue, R Inta, G Intini, K Ioka, B Irwin, H N Isa, J-M Isac, M Isi, Y Itoh, B R Iyer, K Izumi, T Jacqmin, S J Jadhav, K Jani, N N Janthalur, P Jaranowski, A C Jenkins, J Jiang, D S Johnson, A W Jones, D I Jones, R Jones, R J G Jonker, L Ju, K Jung, P Jung, J Junker, T Kajita, C V Kalaghatgi, V Kalogera, B Kamai, M Kamiizumi, N Kanda, S Kandhasamy, G W Kang, J B Kanner, S J Kapadia, S Karki, K S Karvinen, R Kashyap, M Kasprzack, S Katsanevas, E Katsavounidis, W Katzman, S Kaufer, K Kawabe, K Kawaguchi, N Kawai, T Kawasaki, N V Keerthana, F Kéfélian, D Keitel, R Kennedy, J S Key, F Y Khalili, H Khan, I Khan, S Khan, Z Khan, E A Khazanov, M Khursheed, N Kijbunchoo, Chunglee Kim, C Kim, J C Kim, J Kim, K Kim, W Kim, W S Kim, Y-M Kim, C Kimball, N Kimura, E J King, P J King, M Kinley-Hanlon, R Kirchhoff, J S Kissel, N Kita, H Kitazawa, L Kleybolte, J H Klika, S Klimenko, T D Knowles, E Knyazev, P Koch, S M Koehlenbeck, G Koekoek, Y Kojima, K Kokeyama, S Koley, K Komori, V Kondrashov, A K H Kong, A Kontos, N Koper, M Korobko, W Z Korth, K Kotake, I Kowalska, D B Kozak, C Kozakai, R Kozu, V Kringel, N Krishnendu, A Królak, G Kuehn, A Kumar, P Kumar, Rahul Kumar, R Kumar, S Kumar, J Kume, C M Kuo, H S Kuo, L Kuo, S Kuroyanagi, K Kusayanagi, A Kutynia, K Kwak, S Kwang, B D Lackey, K H Lai, T L Lam, M Landry, B B Lane, R N Lang, J Lange, B Lantz, R K Lanza, A Lartaux-Vollard, P D Lasky, M Laxen, A Lazzarini, C Lazzaro, P Leaci, S Leavey, Y K Lecoeuche, C H Lee, H K Lee, H M Lee, H W Lee, J Lee, K Lee, R K Lee, J Lehmann, A Lenon, M Leonardi, N Leroy, N Letendre, Y Levin, J Li, K J L Li, T G F Li, X Li, C Y Lin, F Lin, F L Lin, L C C Lin, F Linde, S D Linker, T B Littenberg, G C Liu, J Liu, X Liu, R K L Lo, N A Lockerbie, L T London, A Longo, M Lorenzini, V Loriette, M Lormand, G Losurdo, J D Lough, C O Lousto, G Lovelace, M E Lower, H Lück, D Lumaca, A P Lundgren, L W Luo, R Lynch, Y Ma, R Macas, S Macfoy, M MacInnis, D M Macleod, A Macquet, F Magaña-Sandoval, L Magaña Zertuche, R M Magee, E Majorana, I Maksimovic, A Malik, N Man, V Mandic, V 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2871 related Products with: Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA.

100 mg 25 MG100ul 100 UG25 mg0.1 mg100ug100ug50 ug

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