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Distance-Based All-In-One Immunodevice for Point-of-Care Monitoring of Cytokine Interleukin-6.

We report the development of a distance-based paper analytical device combined with a hydrophilic bridge valve (B-dPAD) as a quantitative immunoassay method to monitor human interleukin-6 (IL-6) in human samples. Our device design features (i) a circular sample inlet zone, (ii) a circular capture zone with immobilized anti-IL-6 (anti-Ab), and (iii) a detection zone channel coated with methylene blue (MB). Two hydrophilic valves are positioned between these three zones. IL-6 levels were determined quantitatively by measuring the extent of degradation of MB to a colorless product along the length of the detection zone channel. Following method optimization, we obtained a linear range from 0.05 to 25.0 pg/mL ( = 0.9995) and a detection limit (LOD) of 0.05 pg/mL by the naked-eye readout. This is directly within the clinically relevant range. The system does not require any external instrumentation, and the bridge valves can be easily connected and disconnected by a minimally trained operator. The total analysis time is 35 min, significantly reduced from a typical ELISA assay, which takes around 1 h since the B-dPAD workflow circumvents washing steps. The device was tested for IL-6 quantification in human saliva and urine samples of volunteers, with no significant difference found between our method and the standard clinical laboratory method at 95% confidence levels. Recoveries ranged from 98 to 105% with the highest standard deviation at 3.9%. Our B-dPAD immunodevice is therefore a promising approach for rapid IL-6 monitoring in the context of point-of-care diagnostics and analysis in resource-limited settings.
Kawin Khachornsakkul, Wijitar Dungchai, Nicole Pamme

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