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Delayed Fluorescence by Triplet-Triplet Annihilation from Columnar Liquid Crystal Films.

Delayed fluorescence (DF) by triplet-triplet annihilation (TTA) is observed in solutions of a benzoperylene-imidoester mesogen that shows a hexagonal columnar mesophase at room temperature in the neat state. A similar benzoperylene-imide with a slightly smaller HOMO-LUMO gap, that also is hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline at room temperature, does not show DF in solution, and mixtures of the two mesogens show no DF in solution either, because of collisional quenching of the excited triplet states on the imidoester by the imide. In contrast, DF by TTA from the imide but not from the imidoester is observed in condensed films of such mixtures, even though neat films of either single material are not displaying DF. In contrast to the DF from the monomeric imidoester in solution, DF of the imide occurs from dimeric aggregates in the blend films, assisted by the imidoester. Thus, the close contact of intimately stacked molecules of the two different species in the columnar mesophase leads to a unique mesophase-assisted aggregate DF. This constitutes the first observation of DF by TTA from the columnar liquid crystalline state. If the imide is dispersed in films of polybromostyrene, which provides an external heavy-atom effect facilitating triplet formation, DF is also observed. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) devices incorporating these liquid crystal molecules demonstrated high external quantum efficiency (EQE). On the basis of the literature and to the best of our knowledge, the EQE reported is the highest among nondoped solution-processed OLED devices using a columnar liquid crystal molecule as the emitting layer.
Larissa G Franca, Paloma L Dos Santos, Piotr Pander, Marília G B Cabral, Rodrigo Cristiano, Thiago Cazati, Andrew P Monkman, Harald Bock, Juliana Eccher

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Antibody-drug conjugates: What drives their progress?

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are on the brink of widespread use for the targeted treatment of cancer. ADCs manage the toxicity of drugs with unacceptable narrow therapeutic windows by guiding highly toxic compounds to the target cells, thereby sparing healthy cells. In this review, we describe approved ADCs and discuss their modes of action, together with medicinal chemical aspects, to evaluate the potential for improvement and to combat tumor-acquired resistance. A recent research focus has centered on the stimulation of immune responses to induce immunogenic cell death and the influence on the tumor microenvironment to enhance bystander effects.
Giulia Pander, Philipp Uhl, Nikos Kühl, Uwe Haberkorn, Jan Anderl, Walter Mier

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