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A novel multiplex method for the simultaneous detection and relative quantitation of pollen allergens.

Standardization of pollen protein extracts is essential in order to ensure efficiency and safety in allergy diagnosis and immunotherapy. In this paper, we have optimized a multiplex Western blotting method for the simultaneous detection of four olive pollen allergens (Ole e 1, Ole e 2, Ole e 5, and Ole e 9) on a single blot using a monoclonal antibody from mouse and three polyclonal antibodies raised in rabbit. We utilized unconjugated Fab antibody fragments for blocking rabbit primary antibodies, and fluorescence-based detection. These changes allowed an accurate and reliable comparative quantitation of these allergens among pollen-protein samples from six olive cultivars. In addition, we also tested the IgE-binding capacity of these pollen extracts by reprobing the same blot with a pool of sera from eight patients allergic to olive and detection with enzyme conjugated antibodies. A noticeable variability regarding allergen content and IgE-reactivity was found among the olive cultivars analyzed. Moreover, we could easily confirm the identity of some of the IgE-binding proteins by simply overlapping both fluorescence and chemiluminescence images. This method is versatile since it can be applied to other allergogenic plant species and extended to other allergens.
Sonia Morales, Antonio Jesús Castro, Jose Carlos Jimenez-Lopez, Fernando Florido, María Isabel Rodríguez-García, Juan de Dios Alché

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New ELISA for B cell-activating factor.

The B cell-activating factor of the TNF family (BAFF) is upregulated in autoimmune diseases, but a number of conflicting results have cast doubts on the reliability of the ELISA protocols currently used for its quantification. This situation led us to develop a new ELISA for the measurement of BAFF.
Laëtitia Le Pottier, Boutahar Bendaoud, Yves Renaudineau, Pierre Youinou, Jacques-Olivier Pers, Capucine Daridon

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